Permanent Identification (Microchips)

“If you want to be proactive about saving your pet’s life, regular veterinary visits, pet insurance and keeping a cat indoors only are certainly high on the list. But the most powerful tool of all could be about the size of a grain of rice: a microchip.”The Animal Health Foundation

Pets can become lost for so many reasons. We want to make finding your pet as easy as possible, with two simple steps: Scan & Search

When you protect your pet with a microchip from the Family Pet Hospital, your pet will be automatically registered in a national database. Anyone who finds your pet can return them to you with a quick, easy, two step identification process. Almost any vet is equipped with the tools needed to scan microchips available at Family Pet Hospital.

It’s so simple. The person who recovers your lost pet will only need to:

  1. Take your pet to any veterinarian or humane organization
  2. Scan for the microchip ID.
  3. Search that number on Google!

Learn more about microchipping your pet here.