National Mutt Day: Why You Should Adopt Mixed Breed Dogs

It’s National Mutt Day so of course we’re going to tell you how you can improve your life with a mutt!

While the word mutt sometimes has negative connotations, for dogs it simply means one that has parents of different breeds. Mutts have no pedigree like their purebred brothers, and are usually a result of accidental matings between dogs of two or more different breeds.

Mutts can inherit all the best or worst traits of their parents, both dominant and recessive, and it is often difficult to predict which qualities of their parents a mutt with get. You also can’t be 100% sure what breeds make up a mutt just by looking at him. DNA testing is the only way to know for sure your mutt’s genetic makeup.

These dogs often live longer and with fewer health issues than purebred dogs, and are even easier to train. If two purebreds have the same congenital disorder, their offspring are likely to have it as well. However, if two different purebreds mate, there is less of a chance that a disorder will get passed on. Mutts also avoid poor inbreeding and other poor breeding practices performed by unethical dog breeders that can leave dogs with serious physical and behavioral problems.

Mutts are less likely to inherit certain instincts that are associated with a breed of dog, for instance Dachshunds love to dig! If your mutt is part Dachshund, he may still feel the urge to dig, but to a lesser degree than a purebred. So, if you would prefer your Dachshund mix not to dig holes all over your yard, these instincts can be more easily managed or trained out.

If you’re ready to adopt, it’s important to remember not to pick your mutt based on looks or how you think he may behave based on what breeds you think are in him. There are so many better reasons to choose your dog, like his current temperament. This is especially true for adult mutts, so don’t go looking for pups only!

The truth is, a mutt may have conflicting genes due to the breeds of his parent. One gene might be friendliness, another gene might be aggression. So if he’s still a puppy, you just won’t know which gene will win out. Adult mutts take the guess work out, what you see is what you get!

Mutts have so much love to give, but unfortunately, the largest percentage of dogs that are euthanized in this country are medium to large mixed breed dogs. Save a life and adopt a mixed breed dog today!