New Year’s Pet Budgeting Tips

New Year, New Budget? Take 2019 as a fresh start in budgeting for any new or current pets you have. Here’s some tips!

Budget for Food

Recurring expenses are the easiest to budget for and pet food will be your most recurring expense. Budgeting for a healthy diet is the most important item on this list because a pet in good shape will reduce other costs, such as future medical costs. We’re not saying you should go buy the cheapest food option available. Far from it. There are plenty of cheap, low-quality pet foods out there that may end up increasing expenses due to resulting medical issues.

No, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordable food. There are plenty of affordable food brands that offer heathy ingredients for your pet at your local pet store. Even for the brands that are a little on the high end, catching your local pet store during a good sale make these options completely affordable. Many pet stores discount pet food all the time, especially if they are set to expire in a few months. Be on the lookout for coupons online and in stores. And if you want to save even more, you can choose to make your own homemade dog food recipes.

Budget for Leisure

If you have to leave your pet at home due to work or vacation, you know that dog kennels and day care add up fast. Instead of spending money on that, utilize your own friends and family that would be happy to watch your pet for you. You can also use the various dog sitting apps that are typically cheaper than professional kennels. Just be cautious of who you let into your home.

Budget for Toys

There is such a thing as “toy boredom” and that is when your pet has so many toys available to him that he soon becomes bored of all of them. 5 unique toys is best, with different textures and densities. You can rotate them out, so that your furry friend doesn’t get bored and the toys you’ve bought stay clean and fresh for longer. You really don’t need 10 toys laying around the house at all times. You know your cat ends up playing in the box anyway.

Budget for the Vet

If you’re providing your pet with a good diet and exercise, you’re already reducing medical costs. However, it is simply a fact of life that we all get sick, even our pets, and sometimes veterinarian bills can reach the hundreds of thousands. Take advantage of any veterinary specials and put away some money (whatever you’re comfortable with) every month to prepare for any unexpected vet visits. Look into pet insurance and coverage options that can really help alleviate much of the cost of owning a pet.