Preventative Care

We believe that the best way to keep your pets healthy throughout their life is to prevent illness and disease. We accomplish this through counseling services, screenings, immunizations and quality affordable care.

Dentistry & Dental Care

Routine dental care and annual Comprehensive Oral Assessment and Treatments (COAT) can help keep your pet free from halitosis (bad breath) and periodontal disease. It’s as important to protect your pets oral health as it is your own, especially since periodontal disease can lead to systemic infections and even organ failure. We specialize in dentistry and can help protect your pets’ teeth and overall health.

Diagnostic Services

Veterinarians have a unique challenge when trying to diagnose conditions in animals since they can’t tell us their symptoms or where they hurt. Because of this, we rely heavily on diagnostics to identify disease. Family Pet Hospital has state of the art diagnostic equipment on site to quickly and effectively diagnose disease so we can administer appropriate treatment in a timely manner.

Surgical services

Dr. McKnight & Dr. Kirk are well experienced in most any surgery your pet may need. From routine procedures, such as spay and neuter to more complicated surgeries such as foreign body removals they are highly qualified to provide appropriate anesthetic protocols, quality surgery and supportive recovery for your pet.

Medical Care

If your pet is afflicted with an illness, injury or condition we are here to help treat, control or cure their ailment. Whether your pet has allergies or skin conditions, lumps or bumps, needs short term treatment or management of a chronic condition we can help you help your pet to live a long, happy life.