We understand how scary it can be to have your pet undergo surgery, especially when it involves them going under anesthesia. With our advanced anesthesia protocols and state of the art surgical suite, your pet will be in great hands. Our doctors and staff are experienced in handling spays, neuters, declaws, mass removals, c-section deliveries, orthopedics, exploratory surgeries, soft tissue surgery, lumpectomies, cancer, and oral surgeries.

Depending on how invasive the surgery is, your pet may be required to stay overnight in our treatment area. You can leave any items of comfort with them while they recover. Surgeries that may require overnight stay include spay and mass removals.

Do you perform emergency surgeries?

Our surgery suite is designed for performing all kinds of procedures, whether it’s routine or an emergency retrieval of a foreign object. We do have regular scheduled procedures like spays and neuters that we perform, but are always willing to rearrange our schedule should an emergency occur. We know extreme situations happen on a whim, like Fido deciding to eat a tennis ball, and are always ready and willing to drop everything to save a life.

How does the surgery process work?

Our experienced veterinarian will have a comprehensive plan in place for the course of your pet’s treatment, whether that includes an in-depth post surgery recovery plan or simple instruction will depend on the extent of the surgery your pet needs. If needed, we will review any treatment that your pet has already undergone or that can still be done before moving forward with surgery. Then, we will explain exactly what will happen during your pet’s surgery, and what kind of post-operative treatment or rehabilitation that your pet may require.

Just like human surgeries, all of our pet surgery patients receive carefully-monitored anesthesia. And, just like when humans undergo invasive surgery, anesthesia does come with a risk – albeit a tiny one – of complications. However, you can rest easy knowing that your pet will be carefully monitored by our experts and by state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. Your pet’s anesthesia will be as carefully administered as if you were walking into a surgery of your own.

We also provide full pain medications for your pet before and after the procedure. It’s our main goal to ensure that your pet stays as comfortable as possible before, during, and after surgery. As such, our compassionate staff will not hesitate to prescribe pain medication if we believe that it will help your pet feel better and recover faster.

Animal surgeries can mean the difference between life and death for some patients. Choosing Family Pet to operate on your beloved furry family member can make all the difference for them, and ensure that they continue to live a healthy and happy life.