The Most Important Pet Fireworks Safety Tips You’ll Ever Need

Independence Day is almost here, how will you celebrate with your pets? No matter your plans, celebrating safely should always be kept in mind. But don’t worry, we’re not here to lecture you endlessly on safety, it really only comes down to two things! Here’s what to keep in mind in order to stay safe with your pet this Fourth of July.

Does Your Pet Hate Loud Noises?

Some pets can handle loud music, TV, or even fireworks. For others, even the softest of sounds, when sudden, can send them into a wild panic. Consider putting an anxiety vest on your dog for the big day. Anxiety vests fit snug against your pet’s body while applying a gentle pressure. This sensation is very soothing for many dogs and can keep them calm in situations of high stress.

If your pet generally has issues with anxiety, you may consider speaking with your veterinarian about medicinal alternatives. Anti-anxiety medication may be appropriate for your pet if approved and prescribed by your vet.

For cats, it’s best to keep them inside during the fireworks, since they tend to run and hide when frightened. You can keep them near a window if they want to see the fiery colors but at a respectable distance away.

If your pet detests fireworks, it’s best to soundproof your home while you’re away enjoying the festivities. Turn on the television, radio, or fan so that your pet has a little white noise to distract him from what’s going on outside.

Does Your Pet like to Inspect New and Unusual Things?

Cats tend to be curious, and dogs will eat anything. Know your pet and make sure the fireworks are kept well out of reach. Fireworks contain dangerous chemicals like charcoal, sulfur, and coloring agents. If ingested or exposed to your pets, an injury and trip to the emergency vet will result. Know the signs your pet has ingested something he shouldn’t have, such as vomiting, bloody diarrhea, or seizures, and don’t wait to contact help.

If you have fireworks at home, curious pets may also venture toward the bright lights and come back singed! Your pets should be nowhere near you when you are using fireworks. Not only could they accidently hurt themselves, but they could distract you, or trip you, causing you to get hurt as well.


Simple vigilance and common-sense precautions can prevent your holiday from turning into a nightmare. You know your pet best, have fun with your furry friend but also keep him safe and recognize when he’s had enough.